AGROAM now available in Nigeria via SMS!

AGROAM is pleased to announce that our agricultural marketing tools are now available in Nigeria via SMS.

Users in Nigeria can visit our homepage for more information, or alternatively, may download an informational brochure on how to use our services here.

Users in Nigeria have already been using our free online services to grow their agribusinesses. Now, when they are away from a computer but have access to a cell phone, our users can check crop prices, send out bids across our system, or find contact information of potential sales partners – all for the price of an SMS!  If you can top up your cell-phone credit, you now have access to the best agricultural marketing platforms in Nigeria – right in your pocket!

We’re happy Nigeria is the second country to receive access to AGROAM’s full range of agricultural marketing tools, and we look forward to adding more countries and more functions in the future.

Happy Growing!


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